1. Wholesale Carriers Business:
MaestroUSA provide Wholesale A-Z Termination (SIP & H323) and currently terminating around 400 million minutes per month. Besides offering competitive termination to CLI destinations in ASIA, we do provide domestic termination in the US as well. MaestroUSA provides customers with competitive A-Z price list and top quality worldwide call routing.
2. Call Centre:
MaestroUSA's technical support team are highly experienced in providing technical support for
1. Prepaid calling card support
2. Network monitoring and maintenance support
3. Hosted VoIP Billing for Prepaid Calling Card
MaestroUSA provide Hosted Billing Prepaid calling card business. So any company can start their own calling card business without having their own billing server, billing software. So our solution takes you to the market within a very short time. We provide 24/7/365 technical support for the billing software.